I like New Year’s Resolutions.   They encourage us to dream and think outside our normal box. Resolutions have a way of reminding us about those dreams we have put on the shelf.   Those projects that keep calling our name and to which we usually reply, “Later…..when I have time.” 

But the people who inspire us are those who don’t just think about it, but those who take that leap of faith and reach out for the possibilities. 

I sat next to a lady named Colleen Rayburn on a Southwest Airlines flight coming home from a visit to grandchildren one spring.    Her husband had just retired from a career in the military.  She had followed him all over the world and now at the age of 55, she and her husband agreed it was her turn.  

She’d been thinking about what she’d like to do and was just staying open to possibilities.  One day, while online to book a flight on Southwest, she noticed a tab titled EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. 

On a whim, she clicked on it and read that one could become a flight attendant and that age was not a factor.   You only had to pass their training program.

She filled out the application, had been accepted and was on her way to go through 4 weeks of intensive training, after which time she would be notified if she’d gotten the job or not.  

I was impressed with her courage and thought it was a great adventure, whatever the outcome. Of course, I was curious to know what would happen so I gave her my address. 

Six weeks later, I received a post card.  Colleen Rayburn wrote it was the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she’d made it and at the age of 55 was beginning a new career.                                                                                       

It reminds me of the question:  If three frogs are sitting on a lily pad and one decides to jump into the water; how many frogs are left?

The answer of course is THREE – deciding to jump and actually jumping are two different things. 

Having a dream or a vision and wishing to live it is not the same thing as taking action and actually living it.

What is one thing you have thought about doing this year?  What is one thing that would really get you excited if you actually accomplished it?  What would you gain if you did?  How would you feel?  How would it change your life for the better?

Now, how are you going to make that happen?

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