Don't Skip Recess is all about managing to recognize it, why it matters to you physically, mentally, and in relationships, and some useful and simple ways to manage it....which feels like play.  Very interactive.


Dear Ms. Lankard,
On behalf of the SWRSEA, OCSEA and the Oklahoma District Attorney's Council, thank you for your participation in and presentation for the 2007 SWRSEA Conference.  Your experience and insight were very helpful to our participants.
Attached is a report of your evaluation that we have compiled from all evaluations received on the workshop.  You will find the written comments as well as the combined score reflect the excellence of the presentation you made. 
Thank you for your participation in our conference as we strive to improve the services we provide to our internal and external customers.  You have helped us through sharing your expertise and experiences.  We look forward to again seeing you.
Vicki Spurgeon
Programs Chair

2007 Southwest Regional Child Support Conference

Evaluation Summary

Workshop Title: Battling Stress - Don't Skip Recess!
Workshop Panelist Name(s): Charlotte Lankard
Evaluations returned: 78

Combined Scores

Excellent 68
Good 6
Needs Improvement 0
No Score 4

This workshop held my attention because:

I have stress.
Funny and realistic.  Good speaker.
The speaker gave me helpful information and made the session fun.
Enjoyable - relaxing - motivating
Best workshop yet.  Loved the flute music to relax to.
Good presenter and interactive.
It was fun and interesting.
Don't forget recess!!  Laugh Fun.
Charlotte was a very interesting presenter.
Very informative.
The speaker was entertaining.  She had great stories, easy to relate to.  She made me laugh.
I truly could relate to topics presented.  Great speaker!
It was honest and informative.
I'm always stress and need to find ways to destress.
It was very interactive.  Able to get up and participate as a group.
Interjecy Cindry Graphs...Personal Experience.
I have a stressful job.
Imagine approach & practical applications interactive.
Interesting facts of the body under stress and exercises to relax.
Activities.  Interesting topic.
Interactive.  My 2nd workshop with her.  Ms. Lankard is great!
Instructor was energetic about topic - very knowledgeable.
Very entertaining.
Really Good.
It was reality, made me think about my own life.
Practical ways of managing stress.
Very helpful!  Loved Me!
No PowerPoint!
Good topic and knowledgeable speaker who made it fun.
Charlotte was interesting and entertaining - involving us is better than just lecturing.
It was interactive.
It is always good to know how to deal with stress.
I experience stress almost on a daily basis.  It was informative and enjoyable.
The speaker was very interesting and informative; a lot or audience participation.
I'm always looking for ways to relieve stress.
Lots of audience involvement and participation.  Energetic
A lot of interaction with audience.
So informative applies to our lives.
Everything was very relevant to everyday life, not just work.
Good info in fun, relaxing manner.  Panelist, very pleasant.
Of the stress techniques, 2 learned.
She was very dynamic and kept us interested.
She's a good speaker.
Group involved.
She kept it true to life.  I could understand what she was talking about.
New and helpful info.  Great exercises!
Came at a good time.
Different activities.
It is relevant to my life and work.
Interesting, fun, useful, information.
She had plenty of activity to keep us involved.
It was pertinent to coping with my job.
The instructor was very interactive and informative.
It was engaging and understandable.
Charlotte had a pleasant voice and personality.  She kept things interesting by relating this to real life. 
I love the involvement!!
She's very realistic and honest about things and real life examples.
The speaker was fun and bubbly.  She made the class fun and worth listening to.  She put a great spin on a subject
that has been done before.
It was important and interesting.
She used humor to keep us interested.
Good information.  Very active.  Enthusiastic speaker.
There are things I didn't know of that cause stress.
Was very involved.  Excellent!
It discusses healthy ways to deal with stress.
Lots of interactive activities.  Things to use daily.  The speaker was very good! Good sense of humor!
This was a great workshop.  I would definitely go to another with same speaker!
I needed the advice the speaker had - it was very relative to my life, personally and job related.  She was a good speaker.
Charlotte Lankard was a wonderful presenter, a lovely woman.  Loved the way she did relaxation exercised with us, it really helped!
Our speaker was excellent!
No typical speal.  No PowerPoint.
It helped to relieve some current stress.

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