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or at (405) 286-0077

Some of my presentation topics are:

Living the Good Life
Don't Skip Recess

Love:  What does it look like?
The Challenges of Grandparenting
Am I Important? Do I matter?
Gifts I Have Found in the Dark Times of my Life
It's Called Life:  Living, Loving, Hurting, Changing
Mothers and Daughters
Growing Older or Growing Up?
Why Do We Make Finding God's Will So Difficult?
The Importance of Kindness
The Gifts of Laughter
The Art of Calm
4 Important Things to Know as You Move Through Life's Changes
How to Forgive
What Are You Giving Up for Lent?
Setting Boundaries/Letting Go
I'm A Card Carrying Member of Medicare
Communicating with Difficult People
Spirituality and Health
Caring for The Caregiver
Living With Chronic Illness

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